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Understand Your Needs First

A custom-made wardrobe is a great solution for adding extra space to your home. The best part is that you get to make all the design decisions! Begin by analyzing what type of space your wardrobe needs most: drawers, shelves, or hanging space. Consider your clothing choices—do you have lots of dresses and suits? Do you prefer dress pants over jeans? Or do you struggle with wrinkly shirts?

Here are some extra tips to maximize your available space:

Expand Upwards

A tall custom wardrobe is perfect for shared bedrooms, guest rooms, or storing out-of-season items. Plan to place all unessential, seldom-used items up high. You can store bulky items that you don’t need daily, such as luggage or extra bedding. This design frees up the lower and more accessible parts of the closet for everyday use.

Incorporate a sturdy, foldable step stool to reach items stored in high places. Alternatively, consider installing pull-down hanging rods. These are especially useful as they can be easily lowered to your reach and lifted back, making the process of retrieving and storing clothes hassle-free.

With shelves on top, you can now integrate sizeable hanging space, which not only saves time from constant folding but keeps everything wrinkle-free. To prevent items from slipping off hangers, get rubber grips or velvet coatings, which provide extra hold and reduce the likelihood of clothes slipping.

Ideal Wardrobe Spaces in Your Home

Guest rooms and shared areas will benefit greatly from the addition of a tall wardrobe. Your guests will appreciate having a designated wardrobe to use during their stay. It creates a space for each person’s clothes and can also be used for other household items that are usually scattered around the house.

For living room spaces, Custom Closets and More offers custom entertainment centers. Entertainment centers are a more “on display” type of storage. The lower compartments can be used for storing board games, books, or craft supplies. For mudroom areas, we also offer entryway closet designs where you can add a built-in bench, shoe shrines, and hooks. Wardrobes are great additions to hallways or bedrooms for extra space.

Fun & Functional Accessories

For those looking to make the most out of every inch, consider multi-functional accessory features within your wardrobe. A built-in ironing board or shoe shelves are smart ways to enhance the functionality of your custom closet. Features like pull-out bins can also be added to store smaller items or laundry, keeping it organized and easily accessible.

A belt or tie rack keeps these items untangled and within reach, adding a stylish detail to the wardrobe. Browse our featured products and pick your favorites!

Another feature our clients love is a soft-close mechanism. All drawers glide back into place silently, with a gentle touch. Prevent noisy slamming and add elegance with this simple detail. For a more space-saving option, sliding doors are also a great addition. We provide European-style, ultra-light sliding doors with finishes in glass, wood, and mirror.


Our LED strips and puck lighting solutions not only increase visibility and help in finding items better but also make the wardrobe design a warmer and more standout space solution. Light up every shelf or add a single lighting access on the top, along the sides, or beneath hanging rods—the choices are limitless. We also offer smart lighting features that turn on and off with a wireless remote control or motion sensor option.

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Integrate mirrors inside or outside the wardrobe doors, or add a vanity on top to enhance functionality and aesthetics. Mirrors can make a small space feel larger and more open, providing a convenient spot to check your outfit before heading out. For an elegant touch, consider full-length mirrors on the exterior of the doors, which can also act as a decorative element. Additionally, installing a mirrored vanity with proper lighting can create a perfect dressing area within your wardrobe space. This setup can include a small stool or chair, making it a comfortable spot for getting ready.

At Custom Closets and More, we are dedicated to helping you design the perfect wardrobe solution for your home. Explore our wide range of customization options and let our experts assist you in bringing your vision to life. Whether you need extra space for your clothes, a stylish entertainment center, or a functional entryway closet, we have the solutions to meet your needs.

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