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Some of the neighborhoods we proudly serve

From Staten Island to Manhattan, our company has been a pillar of exceptional service in every borough, consistently delivering Custom Closet solutions that have garnered praise and trust from residents and businesses alike.

Custom Closets, Todt Hill, SI

A neighborhood characterized by beautiful homes, large estates, and lush greenery. Our company has been providing outstanding service of custom closets to its residents for more than 15 years. 

Custom Closets, Tottenville, SI

Tottenville has a suburban feel with a charming waterfront district. We have garnered a strong reputation for our custom closet solutions among its locals. 

Custom Closets, Great Kills, SI

A primarily residential neighborhood with a strong sense of community. It offers a variety of housing options, including single-family homes and townhouses. We have been honored to make closets for this area with the highest standard of service.

Custom Closets, Annadale, SI

A peaceful neighborhood known for its tree-lined streets and spacious homes. Our company’s dedication to customer satisfaction with our closets is reflected in the glowing testimonials we’ve received from the residents of Annadale. 

Custom Closets, New Dorp, SI

A bustling neighborhood with a mix of residential and commercial areas. The trust and loyalty we have earned from the residents this area is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellent service. 

Custom Closets, East Village, MHTN

Our company has been consistently providing custom closet solutions to the lively and diverse community of East Village, known for its vibrant nightlife, thriving artistic scene, and diverse dining options.

Custom Closets, Kips Bay, MHTN

Offers a charming residential neighborhood with tree-lined streets and a vibrant community. We deliver outstanding storage solutions that enhance the quality of life for residents. 

Custom Closets, Soho, MHTN

Our company has been a valued presence in SoHo, our custom closets seamlessly integrating with the neighborhood’s iconic architecture, upscale shopping boutiques, and vibrant art scene. 

Custom Closets, Battery Park, MHTN

Offers breathtaking waterfront views, expansive green spaces, and historic landmarks. Our company has been an integral part of its development, providing custom closets to enhance the neighborhood’s allure.

Custom Closets, Chinatown, MHTN

Renowned for its vibrant street markets, authentic Asian cuisine, and rich cultural heritage. Our company takes pride in serving this dynamic community, delivering client satisfaction with our storage solutions.  

Custom Closets, Chelsea, MHTN

Thriving art scene, trendy boutiques, and historic architecture is what this area is known for; where we are a trusted partner, consistently exceeding our clients’ expectations with our custom closets. 

Custom Closets, Upper East Side, MHTN

Out company delivers remarkable attention to detail in the prestigious Upper East Side, making luxury custom closets for residents and businesses amidst elegant townhouses and upscale shopping along Madison Avenue.

Custom Closets, Matawan, NJ

Custom Closets and More takes pride in being a trusted presence in Matawan, making tailored storage solutions for this charming and close-knit community.

Custom Closets, Long Branch, NJ

This area is truly a gem, with beautiful beaches, a lively boardwalk, and a vibrant downtown area. Our company takes pride in contributing to the development of this seaside community with our custom closets.  

Custom Closets, Farmingdale, NJ

Custom Closets and More: Combining small-town charm with convenience. Your reliable partner in Farmingdale, offering premier delivery and fostering community spirit.

Custom Closets, Point Pleasant, NJ

Your coastal haven’s trusted partner! Our company goes above and beyond, ensuring resident and visitor satisfaction with our closet work in this charming, family-friendly neighborhood.

Custom Closets, Middletown, NJ

 Your dedicated source for innovative custom closet solutions and exceptional service in this picturesque neighborhood known for its landscapes, thriving community, and excellent schools.

A bustling city that offers stunning views of the Manhattan skyline. We have worked diligently to develop services that align with the community’s lifestyle and preferences.

Custom Closets, Red Bank, NJ

Embracing a vibrant downtown, flourishing arts scene, and cultural heritage, we prioritize satisfaction, convenience, and peace of mind, delivering solutions that exceed expectations.

Custom Closets, Malboro, NJ

A suburban oasis with excellent schools and close-knit community, benefiting from our commitment to its satisfaction, custom closets, and seamless experiences that enhance their lives.

Custom Closets, Elizabeth, NJ

Elizabeth is a happening city with a rich history and a diverse culture that’s full of life. As your go-to partner in Elizabeth, we’re all about delivering top-level service that keeps residents happy with their homes.

Custom Closets, Tom's River, NJ

A suburban haven, blending scenic neighborhoods and excellent schools. Our company is the go-to choice for its residents. 

Custom Closets, Patterson, NJ

A vibrant urban center with a rich cultural tapestry and a strong community spirit. Residents rely on our company for unmatched reliability and a heightened standard of living. 

Custom Closets, Newark, NJ

A bustling urban center renowned for its vibrant cultural scene and resilient community. Our company has earned the trust of Newark residents by making their homes a haven of comfort and style.

Custom Closets, Long Island City, QU

Unmatched reliability and expertise in creating innovative custom closet solutions for the contemporary urban lifestyle.

Custom Closets, Astoria, QU

We deliver personalized designs that reflect the diverse tastes and preferences of residents, creating storage solutions that harmonize with the eclectic charm and culinary delights of this vibrant community.

Custom Closets, Jackson Heights, QU

Jackson Heights’ residents rely on us for exceptional services tailored to their unique needs. Our work blends seamlessly with the bustling street markets, beautiful gardens, and unique architectural charm. 

Custom Closets, Rockaway Beach,QU

Embracing the beachside lifestyle, our company delivers functional and stylish closets, we enhance the coastal living experience with our exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Custom Closets, Atlantic Beach, QU

With elegant and efficient designs, we optimize storage options, providing exceptional service to residents seeking a seamless blend of functionality and beachside aesthetics.

Custom Closets, Kew Gardens, QU

Our company delivers efficient and elegant, enhancing the suburban living experience. We create storage solutions that seamlessly integrate with the neighborhood’s serene residential atmosphere.

Custom Closets, Bay Ridge, BR

We enhance the charm of its residential areas and scenic waterfront views, providing trusted & tailored storage solutions that cater to the unique storage needs of Bay Ridge’s residents. 

Custom Closets, Downtown, BR

 Our contemporary interior designs reflect the vibrant energy and modern aesthetics of downtown Brooklyn, creating inspiring spaces that showcase individuality and taste.

Custom Closets, Williamsburg, BR

Celebrating artistic expression, our designs in Williamsburg embody creativity and uniqueness, infusing spaces with personality and style.

Custom Closets, Park Slope, BR

Inspired by the historic beauty of Park Slope’s brownstones, we create warm and inviting interiors that blend timeless elegance with functional living.

Custom Closets, Cony Island, BR

Drawing from the vibrant spirit of Coney Island, our coastal-themed designs capture the essence of seaside living, bringing relaxation and whimsy to residents’ homes.

Custom Closets, Canarsie, BR

Focused on creating serene and functional spaces, our designs in Canarsie prioritize tranquility and balance, incorporating natural elements for a harmonious living environment.

Custom Closets, New Rochelle, BX

New Rochelle is renowned for its stunning waterfront views and vibrant arts scene. We embrace the city’s cultural richness by curating interior designs that capture the essence of its coastal charm and artistic spirit

Custom Closets, White Plains, BX

Boasts a thriving business district, upscale shopping centers, and a vibrant nightlife. Our work matches to the cosmopolitan lifestyle of White Plains, creating contemporary spaces that reflect the city’s urban sophistication.

Custom Closets, Westchester, BX

Whether it’s the stately elegance of Bronxville, the quaint charm of Sleepy Hollow, or the vibrant energy of White Plains, we create personalized spaces that align with the distinct character and lifestyle of its residents.

Custom Closets, Ridgewood, NJ

From classic designs that honor the area’s rich history to contemporary styles that reflect the evolving tastes of residents, we create customized spaces that enhance the beauty and functionality of Ridgewood homes.

Custom Closets, Paramus, NJ

Offers a blend of residential tranquility and convenient access to shopping destinations. We understand the unique needs of Paramus residents and make tailored closet solutions that create stylish & functional living spaces. 

Custom Closets, Hempstead, LINY

A suburban oasis, Hempstead is the epitome of a thriving neighborhood. From creating stunning living areas for family gatherings to transforming bedrooms into personal retreats, we bring custom closets to homeowners. 

Custom Closets, Freeport, LINY

With its beautiful waterfront and a close community, Freeport is a coastal gem that inspires our designs. We cater to individual tastes/preferences, creating elegant closets and delivering beautiful custom furniture.

Custom Closets, Oceanside Long Beach, LINY

Known for its beautiful beaches and family-friendly surroundings. With our attention to detail and commitment to exceptional quality, we bring the unique charm of Oceanside into every custom closet project. 

Custom Closets, Farmingdale, LINY

Charming small-town atmosphere. We enhance its homes with custom solutions, reflecting the unique needs and preferences of the community.

Custom Closets, Great Neck, LINY

Known for its upscale appeal, Great Neck radiates sophistication and refined living. Our closet designs elevate homes with impeccable style, seamlessly blending elegance into every detail.