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Healthy Household

Less Stress

Chaos creates stress. However, when your home is organized, you’ll live a more efficient and less stressful lifestyle. To go from knowing “it’s somewhere” to “exactly where” is a better scenario for your mental and physical health then chronically checking for misplaced items.

Breathe Easy

If indoor air quality is a priority for you, rest assured that our products meet the highest standards. The panels we use in manufacturing are certified as compliant with the California Air Resources Board Phase I indoor air quality standards. Our standard board boasts very low emissions, while our plus board goes even further by having no added urea formaldehyde. With these options, you can choose the level of environmental friendliness that aligns with your values. Breathe easier and make a greener choice with Custom Closets and More.

Sustainable Living Tips

If your love of home extends around the globe, consider these three simple sustainability tips as you sort and stash your stuff. Reduce: Assess what you truly need and let go of unnecessary items to minimize waste. Reuse: Give new life to items by donating or repurposing them. Recycle: Properly dispose of recyclable materials to minimize environmental impact.

Get Fresh

Stock your pantry with pull-out baskets to store and display fresh, local produce (many goods like tomatoes and potatoes fare better outside of the fridge). Plus, local foods require less fuel in their transport and fewer preservatives since they get to your table sooner.

Refine Recycling

Locate recycle bins in a place where it’s convenient for you to sort recyclables right after use.This makes your weekly recycling day a cinch. Give recyclables a proper rinse—ensuring they don’t contaminate the batch (or attract pests). Situate a paper-only mini-recycling center near desks and craft areas and consolidate weekly.

Simplify Cleaning

When you don’t give grime time to build up, you’ll be less likely to resort to harsh chemical cleaners. Organize for light, frequent cleanings. Consider storage solutions that lift your stuff off the floor, making way for a swift sweep or speedy scrub. Use see-through baskets and hooks to keep earth-friendly cleaning supplies at the ready: microfiber cloths, spray bottles, baking soda, vinegar, lemon.