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Teen Bedroom Thought Starters


(a) Abundant shelves, rods, drawers, baskets and hooks make it easy to put stuff away in your teen bedroom

(b) Display favorite instruments, skateboards or sports equipment—and keep them off the ground.

(c) Incorporate a station for homework and projects with deep drawers for past assignments and personal momentos—for teens, privacy is precious.

(d) Make room for media—and the players and speakers that bring it to life.

(e) Leave space for artwork, posters and other self-expressions.


  1. Bright and colorful bedding: Choose bedding sets or duvet covers in vibrant colors or fun patterns like polka dots, stripes, or floral prints. Mix and match different patterns for an eclectic and lively look of your teen bedroom.
  2. Fun wall decals: Use removable wall decals or stickers to add playful and whimsical elements to the walls. They can include colorful shapes, inspirational quotes, or even characters from your teen’s favorite movies or cartoons.
  3. Bold accent furniture: Introduce a pop of color with bold accent furniture pieces such as a brightly colored desk, chair, or dresser. This can add a lively and energetic vibe to the room.
  4. Chalkboard wall: Paint one wall or a section of it with chalkboard paint. Your teen can then use colorful chalk to write messages, draw doodles, or create their own artwork, allowing for personal expression and a fun interactive element.
  5. Decorative rugs: Lay down a colorful and plush rug to anchor the room and add warmth. Choose a rug with bold patterns, geometric shapes, or bright colors to enhance the cheery atmosphere.