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Pantry Thought Starters


(a) Entertain your taste for wine, your love for hosting parties, with racks that cradle bottles and delicate stemware.

(b) Lighten the load in your kitchen by incorporating small appliances—coffee pot, bean grinder, toaster—in the pantry.

(c) Consider a built-in nook for recycling bins.

(d) Corner shelves make room for large and oddly-shaped items.

(e) Save wide spaces for bulky items by creating slender storage slots to separate rolls of foil and parchment, and protect platters and trays.

(f) Glide-out shelves allow you to access the deepest parts of your pantry.

(g) Baskets are perfect for rounding up piles of produce— tomatoes, potatoes—and even extra grocery bags.


  1. Colorful storage containers: Invest in a set of vibrant storage containers, jars, or baskets to organize your pantry items. Opt for containers in bright colors like red, yellow, or turquoise. Not only will this add a pop of color, but it will also create a more cohesive and visually appealing look.
  2. Chalkboard labels: Use chalkboard labels on your pantry jars or containers to create a fun and interactive labeling system. You can write the names of the contents or draw cute doodles to make it visually appealing. It adds a playful touch and helps with organization.
  3. Wallpaper or contact paper: Line the back wall of your pantry with colorful wallpaper or adhesive contact paper. Choose a pattern or design that complements your kitchen decor and brings a cheery vibe to the space. It’s a simple way to add a burst of color and interest to your pantry.
  4. Decorative hooks or pegboard: Install decorative hooks or a pegboard on the inside of your pantry door or on the walls. This allows you to hang colorful kitchen utensils, oven mitts, or aprons, making your pantry both functional and visually appealing.
  5. Fresh flowers or plants: Add a small vase of fresh flowers or a potted plant to your pantry shelves. This natural touch will bring life and freshness to the space while adding a cheerful and uplifting element. Choose colorful flowers or plants with vibrant foliage to make it even more vibrant.