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When you’re expecting company, welcoming a kid home from college, or making room for last-minute guests, a spare bedroom is a welcome addition. But the rest of the year, an extra bed may take up more floor space than you’d like. With a custom murphy bed, you get the best of both worlds, so you don’t have to choose between your guests’ comfort and your own desire for extra space. A Murphy Bed, also known as a wall bed or pull-down bed, is a versatile and space-saving furniture option. It is designed to be vertically stored against the wall when not in use, and easily pulled down into a comfortable bed when needed.

Stretch Out

In between guests, stow the murphy bed against the wall behind bi-fold doors, opening the room up to all kinds of possibilities for everyday living. Add a TV to create your own entertainment area, or use the open space as a sewing room, art studio, or exercise room.

Install a large table or workstation with ample storage for your materials and equipment. This creates a dedicated area where you can unleash your creativity and indulge in your hobbies without having to constantly rearrange or pack up your supplies.

If fitness is your passion, transform the room into an exercise area. Bring in your exercise equipment, such as a treadmill, stationary bike, or yoga mat, and arrange them in a way that optimizes your workout space. This provides you with a convenient and private area to stay active and maintain your fitness routine.

The possibilities for the open space are endless.

woman about to demonstrate how to open a murphy bed

Rest Easy

The twin, full, or queen-sized frame holds a mattress up to 11 inches thick, so you or your guests can get a quality night’s sleep. And everyone knows, a good night’s sleep starts your day off right! Moreover, having a comfortable bed for yourself is equally important. Whether you use the Murphy Bed as your primary sleeping space or as an occasional alternative to your main bedroom, investing in a quality mattress and ensuring its compatibility with the Murphy Bed frame contributes to your own sleep quality and overall satisfaction.

woman demonstrates how to open a murphy bed

Lost and Found

Prevent guests from losing their belongings while they sleep with a folding headboard that covers the gap between the mattress and the wall. Add a pillow-box with soft-close hinges to serve double-duty as a nightstand and convenient bedside storage. By integrating these features into your Murphy Bed setup, you create a guest-friendly environment that prioritizes comfort and convenience. Your guests will appreciate the attention to detail and the practicality of having a secure place for their belongings and a convenient storage solution within arm’s reach. It enhances their overall experience and reinforces the thoughtful and welcoming atmosphere of your home.

opened murphy bed

Guest Accommodations

Open shelves invite guests to stow their belongings up off the floor during their stay. With Custom Closets and More, you can combine a Murphy Bed with surrounding storage and display cabinets that give your room a polished look and practical function any time of day. The integrated design creates a cohesive and polished look, ensuring that the room maintains a sense of style and sophistication. Whether the bed is in use or stowed away, the surrounding storage cabinets offer practical function and contribute to the overall design aesthetic of the space.

Whether you need an optimized guest room, a yoga studio, or a creative workspace, it provides the flexibility to adapt the room to your specific needs. With a Murphy Bed, you really can have it all: comfy guest quarters that are ready whenever you need them, and extra space for your own pursuits as well.