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Ideas to Inspire Your Custom Garage Makeover


(a) Slotted walls keep often-used tools, toys and supplies off the floor and provide easy access.

(b) Drawers and doors of various sizes enclose and disguise an assortment of stuff.

(c) Garden grower? Wood worker? Grease monkey? Outfit your garage with a station that suits your passion.

(d) Elevated storage protects against moisture damage from spills, rain or snow melt.

(e) Ease the indoor-outdoor transition with spots for shoes and boots and a place to set groceries. Lower cubbies allow kids to reach their toys and gear.


  1. Retro Garage Lounge: Transform your garage into a stylish vintage lounge. Install a checkered black-and-white floor, hang retro posters on the walls, and set up a cozy seating area with retro-inspired furniture. Add a jukebox or a vintage record player for an authentic touch. This unique décor idea will make your garage a cool hangout spot for friends and family.
  2. Artistic Mural Gallery: Turn your garage into an art gallery by commissioning local artists to create a stunning mural on the walls. Choose a theme that resonates with you, whether it’s nature, cityscapes, or abstract designs. The colorful and eye-catching murals will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your garage but also provide an inspiring space for creative pursuits.
  3. Industrial Chic Workshop: Embrace the raw and rustic charm of industrial design in your garage. Expose brick walls, install metal storage shelves, and use salvaged materials for workbenches. Incorporate vintage tools and machinery as decorative elements. Add Edison bulb lighting fixtures to create an ambiance that complements the industrial theme. This decor idea will give your garage a functional and stylish workshop feel.
  4. Sports Haven: Create the ultimate sports-themed garage by showcasing your favorite teams and sports memorabilia. Paint the walls in team colors, display jerseys and signed memorabilia, and install a big-screen TV to watch games. Add a mini-bar area with a mini-fridge and bar stools for an authentic sports bar vibe. This decor idea is perfect for sports enthusiasts who want to celebrate their passion in a unique way.
  5. Garden Oasis: Transform your garage into a serene garden retreat. Install large windows or glass garage doors to allow natural light inside. Create a lush indoor garden with potted plants, hanging baskets, and a variety of greenery. Add comfortable seating and a small water feature, such as a tabletop fountain, to create a calming atmosphere. This decor idea will give your garage a tranquil and refreshing ambiance, perfect for relaxation and meditation.