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Entertainment Center System


(a) Include architectural elements to add interest or complement current décor.

(b) Allow room around speakers to maximize sound quality.

(c) Present favorite pages on a tilted magazine shelf.

(d) Consider power and cable connections.

(e) Doors and drawers can hide and organize media, games and remotes.


  1. Cinema-Inspired Entertainment Center: Design your living room with a cinematic theme. Install a large projection screen or a wall-mounted TV as the focal point. Create a cozy seating arrangement with plush recliners or oversized bean bags. Decorate the walls with vintage movie posters, film reels, and popcorn machines. Add dimmable theater-style lighting to complete the ambiance. This décor idea will bring the magic of the movies right into your living room.
  2. Nature-Inspired Retreat: Create a calming and nature-inspired living room decor. Use earthy tones for the walls, furniture, and accessories. Incorporate natural elements such as indoor plants, a small indoor water fountain, and botanical artwork. Install large windows or glass doors to let in plenty of natural light. Add cozy seating options with comfortable cushions and throws for a relaxing atmosphere. This decor idea will provide a tranquil retreat for unwinding and rejuvenating.
  3. Retro Gaming Lounge: If you’re a gaming enthusiast, turn your living room into a retro gaming paradise. Set up vintage arcade machines or gaming consoles from different eras. Use colorful neon lights and LED strips to create a vibrant gaming ambiance. Display retro gaming posters, collectibles, and wall art. Incorporate comfortable seating with gaming-themed bean bags or retro-inspired furniture. This decor idea will appeal to both gamers and nostalgia lovers.
  4. Artistic Gallery Showcase: Showcase your passion for art by turning your living room into an artistic gallery. Display your own artwork or curate a collection of pieces from different artists. Use track lighting to highlight specific artworks and create a museum-like ambiance. Incorporate floating shelves to showcase sculptures and pottery. Choose furniture and accessories that complement the art style and color palette. This decor idea will make your living room a unique and inspiring space for art enthusiasts.
  5. Bohemian Eclectic Retreat: Embrace a bohemian-inspired decor theme in your living room. Mix and match different patterns, textures, and colors to create a vibrant and eclectic atmosphere. Use floor pillows, poufs, and layered rugs for comfortable and relaxed seating. Hang tapestries, macrame wall hangings, and string lights to add a whimsical touch. Incorporate plants, dreamcatchers, and global-inspired accessories for a boho vibe. This decor idea will infuse your living room with a free-spirited and artistic energy.