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(a) If more than one person will work here at a time, consider a worksurface approachable from at least two sides.

(b) Integrate power access to operate a sewing machine, glue gun or other electricity-using tool.

(c) A fold-out wing expands the work surface and disappears when not in use.

(d) Chairs and stools that tuck out of the way make it easier to move around the space.

(e) Fill shelves with folded fabric, how-to books, albums—or add a basket to gather loose materials.

(f) Use rods and racks to round up rolls of ribbon, fabric and wrapping paper.

(g) Establish a hierarchy for materials and tools. Which are needed most often? Which would display attractively? Place items used most frequently in areas easiest to reach.


  1. Pegboard organization: Install a large pegboard on one of the walls of your craft room. Hang hooks, shelves, and baskets on the pegboard to store and display your craft supplies. This provides easy access to your tools and materials while adding a visually appealing and functional element to the room.
  2. Inspirational quotes or craft-themed decals: Apply wall decals with inspiring quotes about creativity or craft-related sayings on the walls of your craft room. Alternatively, opt for decals or stickers with images of craft supplies like paintbrushes, scissors, or yarn. This adds a touch of inspiration and creativity to the space.
  3. Open shelving with labeled storage: Install open shelves in your craft room and use labeled storage containers to keep your supplies organized. Choose clear or transparent bins or jars so you can easily see what’s inside. Label each container with the type of supplies it holds, such as ribbons, buttons, or beads.
  4. Creative display of finished projects: Create a dedicated area in your craft room to showcase your finished projects. Use floating shelves, shadow boxes, or picture ledges to display your creations. This not only adds a personal touch to the room but also serves as a reminder of your creativity and accomplishments.
  5. Craft table with ample workspace: Invest in a large craft table or workbench with ample workspace for your projects. Choose a table with built-in storage options such as drawers or shelves to keep your tools and materials within reach. Opt for a table with a durable and easy-to-clean surface, such as laminate or tempered glass.