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Beverage Center Thought Starters


(a) Rack up an impressive selection of reds and whites.

(b) Incorporate outlets to plug in a coffee maker, blender or stereo.

(c) Low-voltage lighting and a handsome display area help you set the mood.

(d) Consider the convenience of a sink and mini-dishwasher.

(e) Stemware rack is a space-saving way to suspend goblets and protect them from dings and dust.

(f) Drawers round up corkscrews, bottle openers, napkins, matches and more.

(g) Ample counter space invites drink preparation and acts as a landing space for dirty dishes.

(h) Hang hand towels on a rod inside the cabinet door.


  1. Rustic Wine Bar: Create a cozy wine bar with a rustic touch using reclaimed wood shelves, wine barrel accents, and vintage wine bottle displays.
  2. Industrial Beverage Station: Design a sleek and modern beverage center with metal shelving, industrial-style bar stools, and exposed brick or concrete walls.
  3. Tropical Tiki Bar: Transform your beverage center into a tropical oasis with bamboo accents, colorful tiki masks, and beach-inspired decor.
  4. Coffee Lover’s Corner: Set up a stylish coffee bar with a variety of brewing methods, a collection of unique mugs, and wall art featuring coffee quotes or illustrations.
  5. Whiskey Tasting Lounge: Create an elegant whiskey tasting lounge with a wooden bar cart, whiskey barrel furniture, and a selection of whiskey glasses and decanters for a sophisticated touch.